The Direction of the openSUSE use of KDE

I just read the strategy statements from the openSUSE team openSUSE:No 1 KDE strategy - openSUSE with regards to the implementation of KDE. Two things that struck me were the statements “The technology is there, it’s just, by default, cluttered and complicated in some areas. openSUSE has always had a great KDE based distribution, it’s our stronghold” and “let’s focus the openSUSE efforts on KDE as the main application and desktop provider and put a lot of effort in customizing, simplifying and polishing it to be ready for end users”.

OpenSUSE’s implementation of KDE is renown for its excellence but, as the team point out ‘we also missed a lot of voices from our community’. This is an indication of something which has been felt, or at least perceived, by users; that the development has been one of telling users what they want, rather than asking.

IMHO if openSUSE want its implementation of KDE to be really considered the best then a lot more work needs to be done in the areas which are causing the most angst. Before I continue I acknowledge the work put into the distribution as far as polishing and stabilizing the KDE implementation.

There are areas which can be vastly improved in KDE, and openSUSE should be distro to take it forward.

As is known by anyone recognising my signature, one of my pet hates is networkmanager, this along with Kwallet, and nepomuk are three areas that I can think of where a bit of ‘customizing, simplifying and polishing’ could lead to great improvements.

Networkmanager - just get rid of it, look for something new or put the openSUSE resources behind Connman or WICD.
Kwallet - Great idea if you need it, absolute pain if you don’t - make it optional.
Nepomuk - It could be elegant and simple, unobtrusive and subtle - it isn’t.

If the statements from the team are honest then they will be looking for areas to customize, simplify and polish. Well the above are my ideas.

I put this here as it isn’t intended as a rant, but as a constructive idea on some ‘customizing, simplifying and polishing’ the openSUSE implementation of KDE could do with.