The Dark Knight - Spoilers

The Dark Knight is being released in the US today. I was lucky enough to get some special screener passes to see the movie on the IMAX last Tuesday and Wednesday night.

If you can see it on an IMAX, you absolutely should. Everyone I know who has seen it already is calling it one of the best films in years.

I’m curious what your thoughts and reactions were. I understand the rest of the world hasn’t seen the movie yet. There are tons of previews and spoiler-free reviews out there for them. I’d like to really discuss the movie, but that also means if you haven’t seen it, be aware there will be spoilers here.

What did you think?

Haven’t seen it yet but I’m gonna. I heard it was really good. It must be, because the Imax theater in my area is sold out for yesterday today, tomorrow, and part of Sunday. I was going to go see it today with a buddy, but he was busy today and Imax was booked anyway. So I’m going to go to the regular theater and catch the matinée showing tomorrow. It’s $6.50 for matinée, $9.50 regular. So that will save a few bucks. I hope getting a seat isn’t a problem.

I think they overdid it. I still don’t understand how the Joker managed to get so many explosives. With all the running around he does, when does he have time to make all those bombs?

He has henchmen, and he did take 68 million from the mom. Presumably he didn’t burn all his money all the time. He had to give enough away to keep his henchmen loyal, and to purchase bombs.

And bombs are frighteningly easy to make.

Disappearing Pencil Trick for the win.

I saw the movie twice, and the audience went nuts at the moment both times. I went nuts the second time, even knowing it was going to happen.

I don’t understand what happened to Batman and the Joker at the end. Batman was shot, but he apparently wasn’t wounded by it, due to his special armor suit. And the Joker…did he get away? He said something about people just needing a push, then he started swinging from the cable that Batman had him tied up with. Does that mean he pushed himself off and escaped?

Batman was shot, and it looked like a gut shot. Gut shots are extremely painful, and can kill you from sepsis (infection) or slowly from bleeding to death. However, medical attention can take care of either of those two factors. Batman gets away, and I presume he gets medical attention.

The Joker was trapped and hanging. I presume the SWAT team gets him. I think it was pivotal that the Joker survive for a couple of reasons.

1 - Batman had to evolve past where he was in the first film, where he wouldn’t kill the villian, but he didn’t have to save him either. That was partially weak sauce. He really did kill the guy.
2 - The Joker wanted Batman to cross the line. Killing him means the Joker won.

My guess is that Nolan intended to bring the Joker back for a scene or two in the next one, with the Joker in Arkham Asylum. That isn’t going to happen now.

The joker schemes are insane and well thought out. And I like how when he relies on normal people to do the right thing, the plan fails.

However, the best part was the silence when they are driving down the street in the cop car, By far the most powerful scene I’ve ever seen in a movie…honestly.

I liked the movie, was a bit over hyped before the release though, thankfully I hadn’t seen the trailers.

Now I found something funny, Harvey is referred to by a nickname,“two face”. Now wasn’t that the nickname of the Joker in earlier Batman movies/comics???!!!