The cube returneth, KDE Plasma 6

Just me doing a small demo of KDE Plasma 6… the cube returneth! Running inside of Krypton as a VM.


Thanks for the video.
I’ve never used KDE or the cube, but if you have more than 4 apps open where will they be? The cube’s bottom and top surfaces? :thinking:

What about more than 6 apps? :exploding_head:

The sides of the cube are not apps but complete workspaces…
This is an old function which already existed prior Plasma 5 …

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But, in KDE 4+, it’s “just a cube”. Compiz gave us 4+ (you want 12 sides workspace 3d shape, sure!). We also had full deformation, so you could have a sphere or cylinder instead of just cube.

Also, Plasma 6 workspace switcher doesn’t include a simulated cube effect.

So, even just cube wise, we’re quite a way from the primitive support the KDE once had and a far cry from what we used to have longer ago. An example of when we regress instead of progress.

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“Everything was better in the past” ist often a phrase when no real arguments are left. KDE Plasma has grown over the last decades to the most extensive, full grown, most customizable, desktop environment.
There is nearly everything available what you could imagine. Kindergarten gimmicks like wobbling, ringing, dinging and jingling. And all the “other stuff” for users which really work with their machines.

Sure, also KDE Plasma has flaws and bugs and problems like every other piece of software. But it is a little bit annoying that every time, when there is progress and a big step forward, somebody comes and laments that “everything was better in the past” when it was clearly not…

I don’t wich back the old KDE times. It had ugly look, was prone to crashes, often lacking sense and functions. The world and software changes. If you don’t want to adapt to changes, you are already dead :wink:

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I don’t wish for the old times, who said that? Just said that there are feature regressions (when a feature is removed, it doesn’t really get more “regressed” than that, you know?).