The coming KDE 4.4

I’m writing this to show my impressions from KDE4.4 (almost beta1). There is hard feature freeze so only bug fixing and new/tweaking artwork is allowed. The 4.4 is looking pretty good and the new features are a lot and nice.
Oxygen has a lot of configuration options. It has almost all of the nitrogen options. Window decorations can be grouped and they look really cool IMO. Here are some screenshots from my system.](](
Another nice feature for the decorations is this Window decoration behind translucent windows « Martin’s Blog although there is no application that supports it for now.
So we see there is a lot of changes in the next release but one question stands - the stability of the desktop environment. One of the goals of the release is stability. So how do we make it stable? By submitting as much bug reports as we can so the bugs could be fixed. I know it’s early but i think KDE 4.4 needs people to test it. More people means more bugs could be found. And if we start early that means that there is enough time to track the most hard to find bugs and fix them. I’m not saying that all will be flawless, maybe even some programs will not work. But with the next trunk release this will be fixed and the satisfying feeling that you actually made change is very nice.
So if you really want to make change for the next KDE release go and put the trunk repositories. Test it, report bugs and see how KDE evolves to something really nice. It already looks cool and just needs to be polished to be the best desktop environment;)
KDE/Repositories - Trunk Development is waiting to be tested.
Finally i wrote the thread and it’s out of my mind(it’s been there a few days:))

nice, I’ll be looking in to it.

I forgot to mention a nice new thing - Amarok has working equalizer now. I’ve tried it and it works nice:)
There is also the Windows 7 thingy where you can maximize the window when you drag it to the top of the screen. Take that you fanboys who say that MS only copies ideas from linuxlol!

The default style still looks ugly though. It’s a small improvement over the older versions but these big sticking-out buttons are just ridiculous