The case of the missing unicode characters...

I’m not able to see certain unicode characters. Most of the characters on The Look of Disapproval ಠ_ಠ are boxes. I thought it might be a font issue, so I tried downloading and using the Ubuntu fonts, since I know it works on Ubuntu distributions, but to no avail. I can see ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but ಠ_ಠappears as boxes for eyes.

Any ideas?

Your first idea is my idea. Missing fonts. I do not know anything about Ubuntu fonts, so I can not comment on you installing them correctly (the more where uyou do not explain a word on what you did).

But my idea would be that you find out what scripts the characters belong to (I guess you know that, else you wouldn’t need them for reading), and see if the OSS repos has them.

I e.g. installed indic-fonts from the repo for Devanagri (and more).

Sorry, forgot to tell, but I see no boxes in your post, nor on the page you link to.

Maybe I should first have ask you the old questions:
. What version of openSUSE do you have;
. What desktop do you use;
. And, as it seems that you go to a web-site, what browser do you use.

All information you should have provided by yourself.

All you ever needed to do was to read through the entire site

  1. Download the Janakannada font >>>here<<<](

source:- - Informationen zum Thema disapprovallook.

I had same issue with the site
i downloaded font. extracted *.ttf and place it inside my ~./fonts folder and restarted my browser and viola font works


But I didn’t install that Janakannada font from that website and I see everything perfect.

To me it looks as if Janakannada is something with Kanada. And the standard indic-fonts from the OSS repos contains also Kannada. I prefer an OSS solution above installation from elsewhere (even if I trust “elsewhere”).