The Caribbean Sail crashes at start


I just tried The Caribbean Sail game, and it crashes right at launch on openSUSE Tumbleweed, I posted in the corresponding steam discussion but no solution so far.

The reason for posting here is that it apparently is running fine on Ubuntu, so it must be something related to openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Here the link to the forum post on steam, with allot of more information:
I hope somebody can help with this :slight_smile:


Hi, try open Steam using terminal:


Then launch the game and see what happens.

Sorry for the late answer, your tip did not do the trick sorry :frowning:

That tip was not given as a solution, but as a debug help. The idea is that you can then see any warning/error/other messages that may give a clue. Thus better tell if you saw messages (or nothing) and even better is to show what you saw by copy/paste from the terminal window, the prompt, the command, the output (even if none) and the next prompt (which may then show that you got no output at all). All paste between CODE tags (use the # button in the post editor to get those CODE tags). That is by far the best way to inform your helpers about what you did and saw happen (and far less “story telling” by you needed).

Any update on how to make Carribean Sail work on Tumbleweed?

I assume that as long as you do not answer to the question to provide information done by @viniciusbrbio in post #2 above and explained by me in post #4 people are still waiting for it.

And in general when someone does not answer on a request for more information for more then a month, many people will assume that interest in the question is lost. And they will probably make a mental note that that person stops a discussion without further notice and thus may not be worth helping in the future.:frowning:

Hi Sorry about not replying, I’m in the middle of a job change and moving…!

I talked with the developer on the steam forum about the issue, but without any fix sadly :frowning:

Maybe that can help?