The best codecs for video

Hi! I use a Kaffeine for watch my movies, but picture which I see sometimes don`t suit me. I use xine as a library. It may be most quality codecs pack for watch video?

I use VLC player. It has all codecs to play all formats of videos with better picture.

You can try it from packman repo.
open yast -> software repositories -> add(button) -> community repos -> packman(choose from there).
and save it.
After this, open software management, and install vlc player from there. by default it will install all the video libs associated with vlc.

Hope, it works for you.

Many multimedia applications packaged by the Packman packagers will use codecs that one can obtain by installing the Packman packaged application “libffmpeg0”. That rpm does not contain codecs, but rather its dependencies that will be installed with it, provide many codecs.

In addition, one can also install the Packman packaged “w32codec-all” to obtain more codecs.

Some additional Packman Packaged codecs are libquicktime0, xvidecore and libxvidcore4.

Packman web site: PackMan :: home

Note Packman packaged codecs are often incompatible with videolan packaged applications (possibly due to storage location on hard drive - I don’t really know precise reason), and visa versa. ie Videolan packaged codecs won’t be seen by Packman packaged applications.

Thanks for this full-scale review and which pack you advise install finaly: libffmpeg0, w32codec-all or xvidecore? I was dazzled… :stuck_out_tongue: May be install their all?