The ability to change settings in Kile disappears

I did a clean install of Leap 42.1 but kept my old files. When I change the toolbar settings for Kile the “configure kile” entry from the “settings” menu disappears. I have removed my settings by renaming the kilerc and kileui.rc files in the .kde4/share directory tree. After removing these files the “configure kile” reappears. The settings>configure kile disappears again if I change the toolbar settings. Any help on this?

And what “toolbar settings” are you changing where?

I cannot reproduce this here.

It is actually “Configure Toolbars.” This is accessed either through the settings menu, directly above “Configure Kile,” or through right clicking on the tool bar in the Kile window.

When I tried to find this again I right clicked on the toolbar and reset the toolbars. This brought the “Configure Kile” back to the settings menu.

Adding ForwardPDF to the Tools toolbar, again, removed Configure Kile and Configure Toolbars from the settings menu.

Is that enough information?

P.S. I can work with the default toolbars with a minor change to my habits. That makes this more of an oddity, but it should not be happening to me unless I am doing something wrong.

Indeed, I can reproduce this by adding items to the toolbar.
Seems to be a bug somewhere.

Btw, you only need to remove kileui.rc to “fix” it again, removing kilerc (and wiping out your complete settings) is not necessary.

PS: Seems to be, which will be fixed in the next version (whenever that is released, no idea).

Thank you. It appears to be a bug that has been there for **many **years.

Well, the bug report is from December 2013 and it has been fixed in April 2014. There just hasn’t been any new kile release since then.
But there is a workaround mentioned in the bug report.

I’ll have a look at adding the fix to our kile package in KDE:Extra, but to be able to release an update we’d need a bug report at (same username/password as here).
So please file one if you think this problem is grave enough to warrant an update.

OTOH, not many people seem to notice it at all though, at least I never experienced that problem upto now and never heard of it before either.