The 13.2 live rescue system -- what were they thinking?

Before I install 13.2 on my laptop, I want to do some repartitioning.

So I booted the 13.2 live rescue system (I wrote the iso to a USB).

Then I found “gparted” in the menu, and selected it.
Unfortunately, “gparted” never started. The file “.xsession-errors-:0” had a message that “gparted” was unable to connect to the display :0.0 . Failure #1.

I started an “xterm”, and used “su” to become root.
I then ran “gparted” from the root command line.
This time, “gparted” did start. But it mounted every partition that it could find. What’s the use of that? The whole point of running “gparted” from the rescue image, is to partition a disk when nothing is mounted. Failure #2

Yes, I’ll probably report this as a bug, though it is going to be a bit like closing the barn door after the horses have escaped. And I suppose I should accept some blame for not testing the rescue image during the Beta1 and RC1 test phases.


(a) I rebooted (so that nothing was mounted at the start). Then I logged out from the XFCE session. Next, I logged into an Icewm session. There, I started an xterm, ran su, and started “gparted”. When started within “Icewm” it behaves sensibly.

(b) I tried the live KDE (also written to a USB). Booted to live KDE, “gparted” starts from the menu and does not mount hard drive partitions. Or if I start from a root command prompt, again it does not mount hard drive partitions.

I have reported this as Bug 903885.

Yes, it is all your fault, you know!>:)