That is very help full for new members from caf4926 thread

cat4926 did a nice detailed for the new-comer(new member)
Repository Management - openSUSE Forums .

That will be nice that can be sticke(sticky) please oldcpu and others could you do that.

I appreciate you for doing that:).




This is an automated response but we appreciate your feedback. Staff
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Ah…it’s a good thing that automatic thing goes off sometimes to point
out that “hey! This hasn’t been answered!”.

I agree and be sure to rate that thread as well as give some reputation
points to caf4926 for doing that. Pats on the back are a good way to
encourage similar contributions.

Kim (3/30/2009 11:09:43 AM Mountain)

Maybe I need to write one on using a mail client for nntp access to the
forum… <ducking>

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No need to duck, i reckon it would be a good idea ( if you know how ). We have had a few Q’s about nntp


U may not but I know back then before DEC08 I use first time Mandriva linux and every hardware was working,no problem.
When I use first time openSuse in DEC08 I have to ask first time about Repository and so on.It was very hard what to use in Repository,caf4926 he did the wright thing and he did very good job,if Im in his Country Ill take him for dinnerrotfl!



Thanks for the vote of confidence. But the guide just covers the basics. There can be much more involved with repositories as many of you will be aware. This one was really just to help newbies - I had been involved with quite a number of threads where users were having trouble with this basic prerequisite for using openSUSE.

I can see in our community few of them have problem and what caf4926 pointed out it will help.


Wouldn’t it be possible to make a pop-up window appear after installation explaining how things work?

It’s not so hard or is it??