Well first off I’m sorry to anyone if this is the wrong area to post this, I’m new to these forums :slight_smile: and this doesnt seem to fit anywhere else…

I just wanted to thank all on these forums and on OpenSuse in general for a great experience so far.

I’m not new to Suse as i used it many year’s ago before it became OpenSuse, I recently switched from Kubuntu due to what seems their inability to be able to make Kubuntu feel right (Integration wise). A friend of mine know’s I have a fondness for KDE, although I have used Gnome I don’t like where it was currently heading “Gnome-Shell”. So I wanted to find a “decent” distro with nice KDE integration.

I tried Kubuntu, but it just feel’s like it bolted together and no real thought put into it. It feel’s more like KDE just stuck ontop of Ubuntu and selotaped there…

So I was chatting to a friend of mine about the difference’s in distros and how i hadn’t seem to have found one. Now a long time ago i did have Suse and it was nothing but a nightmare :p, I used RedHat (Fedora now) then moved to Slackware and onto various other distros like Gentoo. Anyways back to the point. The friend i spoke to said 11.2 OpenSUSE had been released and had a really good integration even with KDE.

So at the time I was running Kubuntu and after reading the forum’s here and some other site’s about OpenSuse I thought I’d give it a shot. I was apprehensive as the last Suse i used was erm… 8 or 9 odd’s and I just couldn’t get it to work on any of my systems.

So i spent the next few days readin about OpenSUSE, watching the hilarious ad’s on Youtube from Novell (the mac vs windows spins) and thought what the hell.

So i get to install it… well at first it was quite a pain (Kubuntu didn’t want to leave my hard drive and made suse throw all kind’s of error’s from the partitioner) but after a while working out the kink’s I finally got OpenSUSE 11.2 installed, it just worked (apart from having some weird sound issues but meh i can fix them later). It was really amazing, the integration with KDE is exceptional, it’s really polished, nice to use and doesn’t feel like it’s just thrown at the distro for choice’s sake.

Anyways I spose I should stop writing an essay now…

I just wanted to show my appreciation to all in the community for the work they have done.

P.S I’ve now been using Suse for almost 3 week’s and It truely is a great OS!

Also if anyone knows of a decent QT based Browser other than Opera or Arora would be much appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forums. Your kUbuntu description is spot on, IMHO of course.

QT based browsers? QT4 I presume?

Thanks for sharing your impressions and positive feedback

Start a thread on these sound issues, and hopefully one of us will be able to help.

WELCOME to our forum, and WELCOME to openSUSE!!

Thankyou for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

The sound problem’s tbh are more my own doing. I like to play Windows game’s on Linux with the use of Wine but sometime’s the sound or graphics are tricky to fix. All sorted now though.

> I like to play Windows game’s on Linux with the use of Wine

i had heard that MS makes a pretty good game system (not so good
servers or enterprise systems, aka “Windows Server”)…so, i wonder if
you have problems with their game systems (XP, Vista, 7, etc)…or what…


Tbh Vista is useless for gaming… it took almost 3 months in beta for them to figure out their new “security” feature’s was killing off prob the biggest digital delivery platform on the market Steam. Add to that the fact that if MS release a security patch for one of the many “holes” in the system it quite often kill’s some game’s off. MS arn’t really known for taking into account outside factors either.

I tryed Windows 7 through the Beta and RC’s (I was an OEM for MS for almost 13 years). Windows 7 is a very good OS and worth it if you are due to upgrade your PC and don’t have to buy it (plus you don’t mind the fact your locked into a EULA and never actually own anything >.<). But it’s performance and features from a “Multimedia Platform” position are lacking when you compare them to any of the Linux distros. Yes MS has a lot going for it with the proprietary codec’s that linux doesn’t have out of the box due to it being “Open”. AS far as gaming goes Linux in a lot of way’s is a “Superior” platform to game on, but a lot is down to the developers of the game’s. Compare how many Linux Server’s for game’s there are compared to Window’s Servers. Linux is far more stable as a gaming platform for the actual engine’s of the game’s, it’s faster response wise and far more controllable than any other Operating system.

The thing that really hurt’s linux gaming at the moment is the use of DRM much of it due to Copyright theft and piracy. I have a Xbox360 I primarily use for gaming, but I do have a selection of game’s I only play on the PC, although FPS/RPG has made large advance’s on console they still don’t feel the same as on a PC. Plus the fact “Multi Player” is still a big PC domain

So at the end of it… I made to many change’s to my system to be able to use the original PC’s COA, I was left with the choice of purchasing another copy of Windows or finding a Linux distro and spending some time getting things to work rather than money. I chose the later of the two :stuck_out_tongue:

Wine is doing amazing thing’s with the compatibility layer for Window’s product’s. Although i have used Cedega and Codeweaver’s in the past i find both of them aren’t as erm “helpful” as the Wine info can be, plus Wine progresses much faster than those two put together (yes i know Codeweavers are based on Wine but they tend to use the older versions for stability).