My thanks and appreciation to the Novell/SuSE team for the three new 4x distribution servers.

This AM I downloaded 11.1 x86-64 & did all my repo updates all at my max ISP speed. Never a hiccup.

Thanks for the investment.
IMHO, that will help make 11.1 the best distro ever.


Here Here!! for that Snakedriver!

While you where doing that the 2 DVD’s (i586 & x86-64) also flew by onto my drive at full speed!

Excellent & Kudos2!

Huzzah for the team!
4 am australian time I had the shiny new 11.1 spinning up and deployoing to my EeePC. 7 pm same night I am waiting for the kids to get of the home PC so I can spread the love. The .iso was a painless and swift download.

I could go on, but suffice to say, this is a very well polished release. KDE 4.1 brings the promise to fruition for me. I was not involved in the RC or Beta’s this time, work has been to much. So my first boot into the desktop was a pleasing moment!