thanks Wolfi323

Thank You! for make kde3 apps possible on leap 42.1

the last pc (of 4) is running openSUSE Leap 42.1 @ amarok 1.4 :slight_smile:

What i did as writing today:
adding repo:

and was able to install

Amarok 1.4 plays nice mp3 files :slight_smile:

TBH, I am not involved in KDE3 packaging.
I do provide Amarok 1.4 in my repo though, yes, with some additional features compared to the package in KDE:KDE3, like MySQL support.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to add those two repos though:

libxine2-codecs is not available for Leap yet because it fails to build since months (a fix has been submitted a month ago already, but so far the maintainer hasn’t accepted it).
You can install libxine2-codecs from Packmon for 13.2, but you shouldn’t add the whole 13.2 repo.
And definitely not the full 13.2 main repo, you’ll partly switch your system back to 13.2 (and likely breaking it in the process) when installing updates.

yes, you’re right.
But i added the repo, check “keep rpm”
installed the soft, blocked it, removed repo’s
And make copy of the keep rpm’s :wink:

that’s for now, because i’m aware of openSUSE dropping kde3.
but i’m keeping amarok 1.4 alive here, best database ever. (even if i have to run amarok 1.4 it in a virtual world)
no clemtine or other forks can beat that :wink:

There’s no plan to “drop” KDE3.
As long as people maintain it (and care to fix build problems), it will be available.

It’s missing from Leap just because nobody bothered to submit it.

One problem was/is of course that (some) KDE3 packages need other libraries that are not present in Leap. E.g. OpenSync is missing, the maintainer even declined to submit it to Leap and apparently wants to have it removed from Factory/Tumbleweed too.