Thanks again for gimagereader packaging

This is a thankyou post again to malcolmlewis, for the gimagereader packaging.

As an expatriate living in various countries, I find this application invaluable. I very much appreciate malcolmlewis continued packaging of the application.

I use it extensively to scan letters received by postal mail in German and/or French language, and OCR them and then translate (via a separate method) to English language.

Today (after a physical residence change froom Europe to Asia) today I installed opensUSE-15.1 on my laptop, and then immediately successfully installed malcom’s packaging of gimagereader in on openSUSE-15.1, It works well thus far.

I added my method for installing to my blog on gimage reader:

openSUSE-12.1 to openSUSE Leap-15.1 with gImageReader and Tesseract

The above link ‘may change’ and if it does, I will endeavor to update the link.

Your welcome and thank you for the kudos :slight_smile:

I see it’s updated to a newer version now (tesseract 4.0 support) so it has been updated for Leap 15.0, Leap 15.1 and Tumbleweed…

Thank you very much too. This program should already be in the base of OpenSuse.

I need to push some supporting libraries to a development repository and get into Tumbleweed, then can look at getting it into the release.

So the gtkspellmm3 is in the pipeline to get into Tumbleweed;

Once it’s released, can then look at pushing gimagereader to the Publishing repository.

Something terrible has happened, repo is gone and ‘sandromani’ older version is giving “nothing provides ‘’ needed” error. How to replace OCR GUI in future? ‘gocr’ looks as from the museum, GUIs and Other Projects using Tesseract OCR listed applications are mostly not available even from Flatpak repo.

This is four (4!) years old.

When you want to generate maximal exposure when you have a problem/question, then please start a new thread.

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