Thank you to opensuse forum admins and all the users!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone here that has easily made this the best forum (on any topic) that I’ve ever used. I’ve had to use a lot of forums (C/C++, Java, SQL, Windows, Google, etc) and none of them are as helpful, knowledgeable and quick with help for people.

Even when someone doesn’t have the answers here, they’re still able to help by pointing me towards the right questions, diagnostics to eventually get there.

So, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey. Thank you!

And you are welcome.

Likewise, thanks and your welcome :slight_smile:

ditto… :slight_smile:

On Thu, 09 Sep 2010 10:06:01 +0000, swerdna wrote:

> ditto… :slight_smile:

What they all said. :slight_smile:

It’s always nice to have some positive feedback from time to time -
that’s one of the drivers for me. :slight_smile:


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You know, it’s not usually included in reviews of OS’s but the community behind it is actually pretty important. Especially since most people needing help on linux will not be able to just call a “geek squad” to fix things (not that I would anyways, but still). So I’m glad that openSUSE has put so much into making this a strong community (choosing the right people, making it important to them). This is in stark contrast to the community of another big linux distro that I’ve found has a near-useless community/forum.

What I’d like to see, is some way to integrate this community into openSUSE. Perhaps something where:

  • If an OS-level error or openSUSE built-in app error occurs, the error box has a link “Ask for help at openSUSE’s Forums” which opens the forums in a widget on the desktop and starts the post with the error message on code tags.

  • Built-in apps have a link/icon for asking for help in doing something (e.g. in YAST) that opens the forums in the desktop widget

  • the widget then periodically checks for responses and alerts you when you have one (similar to a twitter widget) and shows the response.

And what a huge selling point this would be for openSUSE! It’d be like your own built-in tech support! No other OS has that!

You can see more on this idea here:

On Thu, 09 Sep 2010 20:06:01 +0000, 6tr6tr wrote:

> You can see more on this idea here:

An interesting idea - you’ve got the wheels turning (this kinda lines up
with a work-related project I’ve been kicking around as well)…


Jim Henderson
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good idea 6tr6tr

6tr6tr wrote:
> You can see more on this idea here:

good idea!

but since we have that still unsolved split community problem, i guess
the folks who would do the support widget coding might prefer the
questions go to an existing (or new) openSUSE mail list [as the coders
generally consider those mail list as the best (only?) place
addressing qualified supporters…

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

I don’t see why you couldn’t have it go to both the forums and the mailing list at the same time? It would use thread merging and would simply need a small “push” on both the forum and mailing list side that would make all mailing list messages get added to the forum thread and vice versa. This would be quite easy:

  • On the mailing list side, there’s two options:
  1. when the anyone adds a message to the thread, it sends an email to a forum email receiver using either custom message headers or the subject field to notify which forum thread it belongs to. (The forum would have a simply PHP page that parses the email and adds it to the forum thread)

  2. Or it could simply have the forum’s email receiver (say automatically added as a CC to the thread. The forum’s email receiver would then do the parsing on their side.

  • On the forum side, whenever it receives a post/reply to a forum thread that’s marked as from a tech support widget, it sends an email to the mailing list with the proper subject field