Thank you! Plus, info on files in /var/log

Thank you to all people involved in OpenSUSE “Bottle” release.

Thank you to, OS developers for writing out log files under /var/log, so I can see how my system is operating.

If I would have some questions about the log files, is there a subject matter expert on these files.
Some data is obvious, the date is present, is the information dumped to the log files documented anywhere.
Specifically I am interested in the log files firewall and messages.

Again, thank you to all people involved in developing “Bottle”!

Hi, welcome

Just pop the questions, that’s what we’re here for. Most of us aren’t experts, but long time users who know their way around in linux / openSUSE. Be patient once in a while, we’re all volunteers and most of us have day time jobs.

BTW: Don’t spend too much time on the logs on your 13.1 install. From 13.2 on there have been changes re. the logging and the ways to distill the appropriate info from the journaling software.