Thank you openSUSE and Linux developers!

I have been a Linux enthusiast for some years now and tried several distributions before I settle down with openSUSE. Recently my fiancee took out an old Toshiba Satellite laptop she uses from time to time and it had windows xp installed on it with tons of junk software that come with the install. She really don’t know much about computers and software, so after listening to her experience to use windows xp I realized she should have tried Linux a long time ago.

So, I took out my openSUSE 11.3 Gnome installation disc and with great joy erased her windows system with a fresh installment of Linux. The first message I got after connecting to the internet was that Toshiba back in 2008 had sent out a major warning about bad laptop batteries that need replacement, free of charge. The batteries had caught fire in several computers of same model, but my fiancee had never got this message or heard anything about it before? She bought the laptop in the states but she is Japanese so maybe she just didn’t get the message with system updates? Whatever the cause was, she got it now and she had previously experienced problems with hot laptop and bad battery, but with her computer knowledge she didn’t care much about it.

I’m happy she could get both a new, stable and most of all faster system with openSUSE and the message about battery callback from Toshiba. Now I also don’t have to worry about her accepting all kind of threats inexperienced windows users daily have.

So with this post I want to send out my thanks for the great work all you people out there put into making openSUSE the great distribution it is and hope to be able to contribute to the community and development my self in the future. Now openSUSE have one new happy user :slight_smile:

Joakim_W, thanks so much for sharing your success story with us. We love to hear about a happy story and openSUSE together. The battery story was also very interesting. My previous laptop was a Dell D610 and perhaps 4 years or so ago, I too had to replace both batteries I had. The Laptop on fire story was kind of scarey, but the reality was I got two new batteries just about the time those old ones started acting up and it gave me a new lease on battery life.

In any event, if we have not already said so before, welcome to the openSUSE forums and please do not hesitate to ask for help for your computer or your fiancee’s computer and we also wish you much success in your upcoming marriage.

Thank You,

Interesting story about recovering the battery callback. Your fiancee must have been impressed. Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you for the kind words :slight_smile: