Thank you Foxpro2 LAN FIle Locks on Netware 5.0 Network

I tried setting up my office under Netware 4.1 but gave up after several months. The learning curve for Linux, as well as the technical issues were just too great. However, Windows XP is disappearing, and the security problems were getting closer. So I gave it another shot. In the interim, I upgraded my server to Netware 5.0.

I finally got everything working on an experimental basis today. The problem I had last time was in the file and record locks. Foxpro would not report the record locked when in use, resulting in the possibility of multiple users accessing and changing the record at the same time – data corruption.

I am pleased to report that, at least at this experimental stage, the record locks are working properly. Obviously, someone in the Open Source community read my pleas last time and fixed the locks. I don’t know if the problems were in the Netware client, Dosemu or in the Linux Kernel itself. I am not a technical person, just a user struggling to learn Linux.

I don’t know who to thank! WHOEVER FIXED THIS BUG DESERVES A ROUND OF APPLAUSE AND KUDOS. Now, old DOS dinosaurs can continue to use their old software and transition to Linux.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You have made our little office’s lives a little better.