Thank you for OpenSuse 11 (and I do mean it)...

Coming from Gentoo (fantastic Server platform), I finally managed to get a decent HP workstation at work and I was quite keen on getting *Nix installed as Running Dnyagen with 16 routers killed any Windows machine.

At first, I figured DesktopBSD would be quite nice to have, but it just wouldn’t boot.

Well, onto a windows machine, download OpenSuse 11-kde and i was in business within 2 hours.

Working with servers for so many years, i never realized how mature Linux desktop has become.

Yes, i did “meet” the occasional bug here and there but overall, a very user friendly, feature rich, solid platform.

I figured I’d register to thank the community involved in creating such a fantastic collection of software, still with a distinctive OpenSuse Character for free in the true spirit of GPL.

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Good to hear you like the OS, as we also do :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting & hope you keep enjoying SUSE.


ps. if it’s KDE 4.0 you are using keep in mind that this is the first (& more or less preview) release. As soon as KDE 4.1 is out I would suggest to upgrade to that version. With openSUSE 11.0 KDE 3.5 and GNOME 2.22 are the most stable to you in openSUSE.

your welcome