thailand mirror is MIA


Just giving a headsup in case its not known, I am also getting incredibly slow speed from zypper downloading anything typically less than 1 mb on a 200 mbps fiber connection. Any ideas why this would be happening? I tried this on ubuntu with apt-get it was near instant…

anyway thanks!

If I were you, I’d change to the Korean mirror since it’s relatively close geographically to Thailand - my guess is the redirector is pointing you to a mirror that isn’t close enough to you and is slow as a consequence.

You can do this in two ways, either by manually editing the URI’s in YAST / Software / Repositories to point to the mirror in question, or you can sed them from the command line.

yast repository to change address to (from


Note: Please make a backup of /etc/zypp/repos.d/ before you run this command.

sudo sed -i 's/\/opensuse\//g' /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo

As a side note, if your having an issue with a mirror, then best to contact the mirror admin since these are third party providers.