Thai fonts don't work w/Adobe flash streaming

One of the things which keeps my wife using MS-Windows over Linux is the superiority of MS-Windows Thai font rendition for selected web sites, where Linux is inadequate in comparison.

She gave me an example earlier today. … The web site: Manager Online … now the fonts mostly work there with Linux, however if one goes to the middle of the page to the ASTV multimedia section, and selects to stream the TV, the fonts on the side are not converted to Thai. … or one can simply go to ASTV Manager Multimedia Beta to get the direct streaming.

We tried this in Opera and in Firefox under Linux and the same problem. Thai fonts don’t work. But it works in MS-Windows with Firefox.

We tried tuning the Thai fonts in KDE’s Configure desktop (region/language) , also under YaST’s region/language, and also in the browser’s font/region/language sections. None of that works.

I am suspicious that this is an adobe problem, where that application refuses to grab the appropriate fonts under Linux when it is being streamed. In any event, my wife plays this TV site often, and its a blocking item (amongst some other non-font blocking items) that keeps here away from Linux.

Do users of other languages (with different fonts) also have problems with fonts, especially wrt streaming media ?