Text to Speech (Screen Reader) access during installation?

I recently read that this is possible in version 15.2. I’m completely blind, and would require either sighted assistance to install, or text to speech support. the issue … I can’t find any references to this in any of the documentation. If it is possible, then, how do I enable the screen reader at startup? this is on a completely empty hard drive. Machine is a Latitude E6540 if it matters. When I find the link where I read about this, I will post it, but it’s escaping both myself and my search engine at the moment. Thanks for any assistance you can provide in advance.

Many, many years ago I remember there were special efforts to support special access but I’m not aware of any current effort.
I would strongly like to encourage openSUSE to support something like Orca during installation… It might be difficult in the limited storage of the DVD, but IMO can and should be made a standard option in the NET install.

What do you think?
Any other recommendations to add besides Orca?