text format problems when posting from Chromium

from today I have noticed that there is a problem with the text format when posting from within chromium. Particularly when using things like appostrophies. e.g. he’ll, that’s, it’s etc . . . I do not see any problems if posting from firefox. I have emptied my cache. Default encoding is set to utf8. I am not selecting any specific font from the forum editor - just using whatever is default. Forum fault? Chromium fault? My fault?</p>

I’m using firefox right now. But I’m not clear what the problem is.
Apostrophe as in Carl’s chocolate ?

So now I have a big bar of Carl’s chocolate in the Chrome browser
‘Chrome as in Google’s Chrome, not Chromium’

Yes forum is at fault
This was Chrome browser

Reported to the big boss.

Thank’s :slight_smile:

Are you sure it was from yesterday?  I assume you didn't have a problem before that.  ??


I guess it’s possible that it’s been around longer but I’ve only noticed that it’s been a problem since today. https://forums.opensuse.org/clientscript/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/images/smiliesnew/wink.png</p>

I’ll take a look at this today.

The biggest difference that would be going on is that you are now posting over HTTPS instead of HTTP. Why that would make a difference, I have no idea. Two of our other forums have been running over HTTPS for months, and this hasn’t been an issue with them (at least that I know of).

The web address does not display in my chrome . And the text box will not accept characters. I type and nothing appears, it’s all grayed out in Chrome. Firefox is fine.

> it’s all grayed out in Chrome.

try to clear out the opensuse, suse and novell cookies, or maybe turn
off desktop effects… (my chrome works fine)

dd http://tinyurl.com/DD-Software

Don’t do anything at the moment, the sysadmins are looking into it.

Fixed. Matt found a javascript that was loading non-SSL so Chrome was
blocking it. It’s now loading HTTPS and in my testing, the issue has
been resolved. Thanks for the report!

Kim - 11/27/2012 2:41:55 PM

It seems that Chrome does not completely honor the HSTS header, which is pretty annoying. It’s the only browser I found that will not attempt to either honor HSTS or follow the secure redirect for javascript referenced over HTTP. I sent them a bug report about it. In the meantime, things should be working. Thank you for the feedback.


Kim - 11/27/2012 2:46:10 PM

Thanks for the fix

It’s looking good again.
Thanks very much.

‘Magic’ Matt ! Thank you

it appears there may still be some problems. While the appostrophie thing seems fixed up, if I click the edit button to return and edit a post the formatting seems to get a bit messed up. Again, this is only in chrome.</p>

you can see above that after I use the edit button and save that some strange html formatting is being added to the post.