Text Editor of Choice?

Now i must see if i can install it even on OpenSuse 11.2.

Mousepad FTW! (gui)

I’ve been playing with bash scripting a bit lately so I find kwrite very useful as it automatically shows errors and stuff.

But generally I use vi, it’s fast and simple once you remember a few key combos.

@wakou - do you have the full size image of your avatar that we can look at? Is it something you knocked up yourself (the car that is)? I used to read it as “Carby Linux” where “carby” is an Australian colloquialism for carburettor. I now believe you mean “Car by Linux”, which always makes me smile, as far as I can see it’s a big engine in a flimsy frame, which I interpret as “powerful engine but sparse decoration” (quite witty in my book), although it’s a bit hard to tell because the image is too small.

@Growbag…I can’t remember where I got the picture, I will have a dig and see if I can find the original, watch this space!


He he he, it was back in the day when I was still very very sceptical about Linux…
I am quite embarrassed, but have a look at this…

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Here is the best copy of the picture I can find without some deeep googling:


lol, that’s funny though.

But I kind of agree, a bit. If the shopping-trolley cart had a supercharged V12 it would represent Linux distributions quite well in my opinion.

Powerful where it really counts, but lacking in style, oh and you forgot to show the “repo” man standing next to the sports car ;).

Back to the editors:

I voted ‘kate’ since I use it a lot in development; none better. But my heart is with ‘vi’, for 20 years now…

@wakou: can you make a mockup of what a ‘car by M$’ would look like? A golden shopping cart with square wheels and a cardboard engine?

if i can get X, it’s kwrite (assuming it’s available)
if not, it’s vi for me

Hmmmmmm well I could… but I would have to learn GIMP first, and life’s too short.

I am of wakou’s opinion: Mousepad is so far the best texteditor I’ve used till now, Kwrite seems too targeted towards development and I don’t like its interface. Mousepad is the closest you can get to M$'s Notepad. I’ve set it as the default texteditor on my machine.

Thats interesting to read.

Having stated tha, I’m not so certain I see that as a good criteria. Some of us would see that as a negative critieria. Many of us do not think much of Microsoft’s notepad.

kate then kwrite for me. Not into vi but I can just about survive rather clumsily with it and have been grateful for its existence.

When we started with linux our computers were older models because we cannot afford to purchase those up to date stuffs. For that reason we resorted to running our pc with xfce because it cannot play nicely with kde and gnome and the first editor we have known was mousepad included in the xfce installation. No one in the household know about computer programming, our computers are only dedicated to simple tasking so mousepad is more than enough for us.

Speaking of older computers (and a bit off topic) there is an effort being made to convince SuSE-GmbH to include the LXDE desktop in the openSUSE install (in addition to xfce, kde and gnome) where LXDE is much more light weight than those desktops, and hence good for older computers, yet LXDE still retains some reasonable features. So if you have old PCs and if the idea appeals to you, don’t forget to vote for the LXDE feature in openFATE. One needs to log on to openFATE in order to vote, in which case once one has logged in and gone to the page, on the right hand side one selects the up arrow to vote for the feature. https://features.opensuse.org/307729

To oldcpu,

Thanks for that info, yeah I went to openFATE after I read your post and press the up arrow. I think it will be a good openSUSE offering for the next version. IMHO it will be great to see those lightweight stuffs offered as individual live cds.:slight_smile:

I know. It’s just that I’m used to Notepad and Mousepad looks good to me, and with a simplistic interface; as well as a default font that looks ‘clean’, unlike KWrite’s default one.

I really like VIM. It’s just awesome.

And sometimes, I use kwrite.

Why is joe not even part of the choice? It’s much more than ‘others’ with syntax highlighting and multiple personalities for the command interface. No vote from me.

Kate, kate, kate & vi.

My real favourite for heavy duty text work is nvi the BSD-4.4 developed version, it’s just cleaner than vim in the way undo & redo works. It got dropped some time back from openSUSE though :frowning:

Reason to prefer vi family over other editors, is it’s use of modes, rather than awkward CNTRL & Meta key combos; just suits touch typing much better.