texlive-xetex bug

I recently discovered a bug in texlive-xetex package that is shipped with default openSUSE 11 installation (DVD), texlive-xetex version 2007-177.1. This is present in Ubuntu Hardy’s repo too, but corrected in unstable Debian Sid repo. This is the thing:

When you use accents like “=” or “^” (without quotes) in a word in which later comes “-” (without qoutes too), characters after the accent and before the “-” are repeated twice. For example, if you enter:


you’ll get:


Can anyone confirm it? And where to report it?

Here’s a simple example:

\setmainfont{URW Palladio L}


Not a LaTeX expert but when using an accent in BibTeX you would enclose it in braces to prevent it affecting any higher level code.