Texlive 2009-39.1 update caused beamer problem

Hello everyone.

I am a heavy latex-beamer user (actually, I depend on it!). Yesterday I updated my OpenSuse 11.1 to the latest texlive from the Publishing repo:
Index of /repositories/Publishing/openSUSE_11.1/x86_64

Since the update, beamer files fail to compile properly (all of them, new and old, with any combination of styles and packages).

The errors reported are somewhat different from file to file, but they usually have to do with style files; in many occasions, compilation stops when invoking the style file (innertheme, outertheme), and precisely when statements like this are met in the style file:

\setbeamersize{text margin left = \beamer@fancy@normalmargin}

Beamer complains that this is an undefined control sequence (I suppose it complains about ‘text margin left’).

I suppose something must have gone wrong either in texlive sources or in the compilation process used to build the 2009-39 (and -38) rpms.

I wanted to contact the repo maintainer but could not find his/her name anywhere.