Tex live manager installation and package managing

I installed Texlive from Yast2. Everything is ok, but the managing of new packages.

The standard installation provides no package managing, and guides don’t say very much about how to get it. I’m new in Gnu/Linux OS, such Opensuse, and I don’t know quite nothing about the shell (or terminal? -sorry for my English knowledge).

I’m now trying to install the package named “parallel” in Texlive. How can I do without a graphical interface? Can I get an app similar to Miktex package manager?

Thank you. And sorry for any mistake.

I don’t know this package but I’d start here

The TeX Live Guide TeX Live 2009

Miktek is for Windows; so you cannot use it with openSUSE.

The Texlive collection contains more than Miktek; if you want to add anything to it, simply go to CTAN, download it and then put it in the relevant folder.

You can download anything to your /home folders but you will need to open a console and use su – before you can copy it to the relevant folder.

Some applications that use Texlive, such as LyX, then require you to reconfigure/update them so that they realise you have added something to the Texlive collection.

I’m looking for the program folder of Texlive, but i can’t find it. I also used the OS search engine.

Any suggestion?

I’m still a beginner.

There are many folders; most of them have the name texmf in them. They are in a variety of different top-level folders depending on the job they do.

According to my installation
is already installed if that is what you want.

Note that everything in Linux is case sensitive, unlike Windows; so ‘Texlive’ will turn up nothing.