Tethering DROID4 with USB

Interesting that no one has posted a thread on how to accomplish this. I followed the instructions on this thread but it is incomplete and missing steps. http://forums.opensuse.org/forums/english/get-technical-help-here/network-internet/448654-htc-evo-4g-opensuse-11-3-tethering.html

Here is my phone information:
Motorola Droid4
System version 6.13.219.XT894.Version.en.US
Android 2.3.6
Kernel version

See my signature for my PC hardware and software list.

Things that did work:
Installed AzLink onto Droid4 using abd over the USB port.
I was also able to root my phone, but I undid that. for warranty reasons.

The problem I am having is how do I setup an VPN connection to the internet through my Droid4 using Network Manager? I may be completely off on the concept but this is what I understood from the links above.

I worked on that but didn’t help. I realized I don’t a latest VPN device which supports Android vpn protocols or algorithm etc.
2ndly, SSL VPN doesn’t work on Android. I tried that. Cisco,Juniper VPN devices don’t have SSL vpn drivers from Android yet. as per my knowledge. ]

Suggestion from my end :- Try Ignition for Android by ‘Log Me In’. to access your PC from phone remotely. ]

P/s : Question title could be ‘How to connect to VPN from a Android device’ :slight_smile:


OK, I feel stupid for asking now that I have it working.

First, I am assuming you have purchased the tethering option from your phone provider or rooted your phone and cracked the protocol.

  1. Turn on your Droid 4 and go to Settings>Wireless & Networks> Tetherings & Mobile Hotspots
  2. Plug a USB cable from your phone to your computer. This should enable the USB tethering check box. If not try installing adb. This is for Ubuntu but it works for SUSE> Linux + GNU = Humans Enabled: Tether Android to Ubuntu / Fedora Linux
  3. Check the USB tethering box
  4. In KDE left click your networking symbol on you system tray and select “Network Management Settings”.
  5. Select the WIred Tab
  6. Right click the Add button and select Wired to create a new connection.
  7. Enter the Connection name “Droid4” (or what ever).
  8. Check the box “Connect automatically” and leave the System connection box unchecked.
  9. In the IPv4 Address tab Select basic settings and the Method should be Automatic (DHCP).
  10. The settings should be the same for IPv6
  11. Open the Ethernet tab and select Restrict To Interface “Any” and the Autonegotiate box should be checked.

Your Droid4 should now tether you to your 4G provider. Happy surfing.