Test via IPv6

yes, this will come soon :slight_smile:

My greatest fear, IPv6 becomes the new Social Security number.

Test your present IPv6 setup on the Internet:

Test your IPv6.

Check out the IPv6 Forum here:

IPv6 Forum :: Driving IPv6 Deployment

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Yeah, it’s a fail for me. My ISP (Wildblue Satellite) doesn’t seem to care. My only other alternative is dial up. We can’t get DSL or cable out here in B.F.E.

Can you get here;

The build service is ipv6 according to the ‘showip’ firefox add in that
I use;


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On 06/06/2011 03:06 AM, jdmcdaniel3 wrote:
> Test your present IPv6 setup on the Internet:
> ‘Test your IPv6.’ (http://test-ipv6.com/)

here is another test page, with a cool eye-chart:


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Yes, I can load that link, but very slowly. It seems to be a dual stack site. If there is any IPV6 content on a dual stack site, I can’t view it. Here is a good example: The KAME project If you have IPV4 only or dual stack (6to4) support, you will not see the full resolution dancing turtle.