test plan,design,cases examples

Hello all,

I tried to find on the web some examples(not templates) of test plans,test design or test cases for open source applications but I didn’t found anything.
Can you help me with this?

You are not very specific about what you are looking for, but the wiki should get you started: Portal:Software Testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I want an applied example of an test plan, test design and test cases for an open source application (it doesn’t matter what king of application, if it’s a complex one it’s better).
I wanna see how the IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation is implemented to real documents cause I want to improve my own documents and an example would help me.

So you are looking for something like this?

Sample Test Plan Contents Frame
IEEE 829 - Standard for Test Documentation Overview

Thanks a lot!these are very helpful!

A fost o mare pläcere pentru mine si i-ti doresc o searä pläcutä!

Si mie mi-a facut placere si mi-a fost de ajutor sfatul tau:)