Tesseract download

Greeting all!

I am using tumbleweed. I’d like to install tesseract.

I don’t want to get involved with “snap” and its dependencies. I’ve used it on Fedora; I was less than enamored.

I’m not interested in getting it from reddit links

This link is dead:

Will someone point me to an opensuse repo where I can snag the ocr?

j j jones

Here is the project:

This is the download for Tumbleweed from above project:

@jones it’s in the default repositories, just zypper in tesseract-ocr?

Information for package tesseract-ocr:
Repository     : Main Repository (OSS)
Name           : tesseract-ocr

Now I feel like doof.

I downloaded the rpm just now and got an error regarding gpg keys.

(I did try the standard command sudo zypper in tesseract-ocr this morning.) It seemed to install but when I tried to run it, nothing happened?? So, I removed it.

After posting here I tried the command again; it’s working now.


Thanks to both of you guys!


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Don’t do it manually!
In yast search tesseract5 and the according language files


Use the one-click method

OCR software recommended gimagereader, choose the one-click installation, from Malcolm’s community repository

Tesseract is only a library, if you want a GUI you need gimagereader

Please avoid one-click!!

Many repo problems are the result.

Just add the repo you need and install.

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Greetings, qwert.zuiop

As I mentioned above I tried one of the auto-install links which proved to be dead now. (I generally prefer manual installs.) Again, tesseract is working now.

The links you posted seem to be ok. I have been using tesseract from the command line for years; I like it.

Perhaps next time I fresh install Suse I’ll try one of your links, and maybe I’ll add a gui front end.

Thanks for your post,