Terms Of Usage - Independent Network

I faced with the following options

  1. Forbidden Rules of Access to My Host or local area Address of Authentication Criteria

2.Ports Flying in and out

3.Communication Flaws in Shell… echo, ping, etc.

Due to extreme situation . Questions pop up here and there : Port scanning , hacker amongst others .I need a analyzer to solve this problem. using as protocol… urgent message to YOU out there realizing a long life achivement . Congratulations you have just proved how stupid you are ! Taking measures of invading someones privacy is a matter of LAW… To continue without being noticed is your Mistake. Watch your mouth! This is being broadcasted in binary language to the entire global network of communication , To take advantage of this situation would cost our Government or better your hard earned money to Burn away . you want to know more ??? manifestation is a riot response if you’re looking to itimidate with your hard earned college education … I’m not impressed . infact if you enjoy molesting people with your intelligence you belong in jail… Forward At will.

Cypher7 adjusted his/her AFDB on Sunday 13 Sep 2009 14:56 to write:



Caveat emptor
Nullus in verba
Nil illegitimi carborundum

dude, take your meds and chill!


If you use as stated, hackers would be greatly challenged lol!

1: Install wireshark
2: Probably realise that you’re actually just worrying too much…
3: ???
4: Profit!

I haven’t been myself lately … sorry for the stress…

> I haven’t been myself lately …

who you have you been?
welcome back.


Glad you’re feeling better, anyway… :slight_smile:

[P.S. I wasn’t being entirely facetious - wireshark is actually really cool!]