Terminal server Unlimited and free

Similar freenx
What suggestion ?

Nomad (based on xrdp), look at Nomad - openSUSE

I am not sure whether there is active development going on on this project. I don’t hear a lot about it though.

This reference is defunct, doesn’t work that way any more. Pity it’s still there.

For the time being, this works: Windows Linux RDP Remote Desktop Connections using openSUSE as Client or Server (terminal server)

I don’t know whetehr xrdp will be included in 11.3, we’ll see when it’s released.

Thanks swerdna.
Your website is very useful and excellent.

I am installing your proposal.
But I have two problems.

XRDP error X server died

and second.
Linux client working ok.
But windows is problem this
XRDP Windows cliente problem with the numbers on the keypad


I don’t have any help to offer there