Terminal not opening in a fresh OpenSUSE install


Im new to OpenSUSE. I was using .deb based distros before. I use terminal often. I guess the subject explains my problem, when I click the terminal icon in the start menu it is not opening. I tried both as root and as a normal user.

Another problem is during the installation it said that my windows partitions are mounted but I cannot find it in the places menu.

I have few other problems, but first pls help me sort out these.


And Opensuse is the best looking OS I have ever seen. And surprisingly it also detected and installed my Graphics Card(I used to compile the kernel everytime in the distros that I used before).

Don’t login as root.

Have you run updates since install?

Yast - Software - Online Update

No. I didnt run updates since my install. And my OpenSUSE version is 11.1

The terminal should work. But try running the updates if you have working internet. report back when done

Is this kde4?