Terminal for SCO-Ansi

Hi, newbie here. Just trying to migrate to linux in my job and the first trouble appears.

Our program runs on a UNIX Server and we use to connect with windows through Esker TUN.

Trying to make a telnet connection through konsole but get coredumped.

Also try with export TERM=ansi and got program running but no hotkeys like F5, F6, etc.

Any suggestions?

I’ve searched this forums and googling but only read about putty. I’ve also tried to download and install but I think I’m too new into this and cannot get it working.


Have a search here for putty;

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Hi, I’ve searched, installed, tried several configurations and it worked!!

Sorry but I’m pretty new into this opensuse world.
Will check again for programs on that web.

thanks alot