Terminal emulator with session management?


After spending the last couple of years on a Mac, I recently assembled myself a new PC that now happily runs openSUSE. All in all, I keep asking myself why I didn’t do this earlier, but there are a few things I miss from OS X (or macOS or whatever Apple wants to call it these days).

Specifically, there is a terminal emulator for OS X, iTerm2, that allows one to not only define profiles (such as ssh into machine1, ssh into machine2, ssh into someuser@machine3, …), but also to define and then restore arrangements of open tabs. This way I could open a stored arrangement, and voila - I had an open tab for each system.

The closest thing I could find with a search machine of my choice was a shell script to open gnome-terminal with specific commands for each tab. That could be an acceptable solution, but something that is integrated right into the terminal emulator would be nicer.
mate-terminal allows me to define profiles, but it will not let me save an arrangement of open tabs with their profiles, as far as I can tell.

Is there a terminal emulator for GNU/Linux that has a features like that? Please don’t tell me to use tmux or screen, because I will be running a tmux session in each of those tabs, and nested tmux/screen-sessions confuse me to no end. :wink:

Thank you for any insights you might share with me,

The KDE terminal emulator konsole has this option: --tabs-from-file


konsole --tabs-from-file ./testkonsoletabs.conf


cat testkonsoletabs.conf
title: first;; command: /usr/bin/ls;; workdir: /home/hendrik/
title: second;; command: ;; workdir: /home/hendrik/Bilder
title: third;; command: /usr/bin/ssh pi@raspberrypi;; workdir: /tmp

might be, what you are looking for.


What about Terminator?

zypper in terminator

Thank you, I will give that a try!

Thank you very much!