Terminal choices

I saw an article that described alternative terminals. It mentioned kitty and foot and about 6 others. I use konsole for little more than zypper-dup. I’m curious as to whether anyone here uses an alternative terminal. If so, why do you do it? Any recommendations for a terminal that I should try?

Is there something you particular do not like about Konsole?

If not, I would recommend to spend your time on other things then trying out other terminal emulators.

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No. I have nothing negative to say about konsole. The article just made it seem interesting to try other terminals. In openSUSE, we can make choices of relatively equal options. I’m just looking for opinions. Now, I have yours.

I mostly use “xterm”. I sometimes use “yakuake” which is based on “konsole”. I’ll occasionally open a “konsole” when I need it for something that “xterm” doesn’t support.

No, I don’t have any recommendations. Use what works best for you.

@Prexy Primary desktop is GNOME and use a drop down terminal ddterm (Shell Extension), on Hyprland I use alacritty.

The only reason why I ever wanted to use a terminal outside of what was provided by the desktop environment was font ligatures, so I tried Kitty, Alacritty. They were all good but I outgrew the need to want font ligatures so just stayed with whatever terminal came with the DE. That said, Konsole is much more preferred than gnome terminal. I would say gnome terminal has the least customizations and features among all the terminals I have used, rxvt included.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn what other options there are - and how others decide to spend their time isn’t up to you. :slight_smile:

Who knows, one might be happy with their terminal application, and yet find something new that they didn’t know about that they might even like better. (I had no idea about ddterm myself, now I need to check it out).

I mainly use konsole, I tried others but kept coming back since it works for me. I used Cool Retro Terminal a few years ago mainly for the nostalgia of terminals past.

I’m currently using Tilix, having used Gnome Terminal and Konsole in the past.

In terms of features and simplicity:

  1. Gnome Console: new terminal by gnome, simple and aesthetically appealing
  2. Tilix: good middle ground
  3. Konsole: the one with most features

Personally I use urxvt on all my systems, I like the sleek look of it the most. Of course that is after editing the defaults.

Thank you for all the input. I downloaded kitty and then alacritty. Both seemed faster than konsole. Both were more appealing to my old eyes. Kitty seemed to have the largest, clearest font of the three. Putting my ignorance on display: I was surprised that each of them “remembered” the recent commands I have entered into konsole. Thanks to this thread, I have a few more to check out.

They don’t. That is a feature of the shell you use, not of the terminal emulator.


I use whatever the distro and DE defaults to (xfce4-terminal, konsole), but GNOME has had a few different options:

  • openSUSE ships GNOME Terminal as-is and defaults to it
  • Fedora patches GNOME Terminal(?) and makes it look a bit nicer
  • openSUSE also has kgx which is apparently the newer/modern GNOME Terminal successor

Only on oS TW GNOME do I make any decision to what Terminal I use, and kgx looks way nicer than GNOME Terminal :stuck_out_tongue:

So I learn something new! I failed to make the distinction between the shell and the terminal.

Shell: Command-line interface - Wikipedia
Terminal: Computer terminal - Wikipedia

Konsole supports font ligatures, BTW

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My two cents on the topic, as a NON-terminal expert.

I also use the one that comes with my DE (Konsole) as it’s got all the features I may need. Which mostly boils down to tabbing and the ability to create multiple profiles in order to have a visual distinction between different “spaces”, e.g. work vs personal.

I occasionally use the “monitor for silence/activity/process finishing” feature, which is quite handy.

Yakuake is unintrusive and quick to summon, and others might be interesting for HW-acceleration. alacritty should have this and is apparently very snappy, although I wonder if and how much this affects battery life - I never tried it, because I guess that I’m happy enough with Konsole :slight_smile:

The reference in these articles to terminals replacing punch cards remind me of my college days. I took one computer course and I used punch cards! I felt very high tech. I may have kept some punch cards around here somewhere. Good to know the distinction.

Good to know, thanks!