TeraTerm for OpenSUSE

I need to configure a HP Procurve Switch over serial-cable. In Windows there is i good term-app that is called TeraTerm. I tought it was very easy to use terminal over serial, but i can’t find out how.

So how can i use terminal over serial?

install minicom
then start minicom -s to configure the speed and other settings…

I installed minicom and set port-speed to 9600 8N1 that is the most used configuration.
It claims my Com-port is /dev/tty8. How can i check to see if this is right? In Linux-world there is nothing called com1 or com2.

But isnt there any normal application like Hyperterminal or TeraTerm or Putty for OpenSUSE?


Ok! I solved it!
Com1 is /dev/ttyS0
After i set this right i got in!


Had to look through some old paperwork, but you found out yourself. Always remember this moment !!!