tenda 11n wireless usb adaptor works out of the box

I was struggling with a linksys 300n usb adaptor and about to post for help here, But I saw on one of the posts that its a good idea to check on whether the adaptor has any linux support before buying it. ( sage advice )

I dropped by my local computer shop and got a usb adaptor that said linux compatible.

it is a tenda 11n wireless usb adaptor- it does have an antenna stuck on this very small usb adaptor

Prior to using the tenda adaptor I did have the " kernel-firmware package " already installed as per other posts in this forum
I do not know off hand if this is a requirement for the wireless adaptor to work.

I plugged it in and rebooted my computer. PRIZE WINNER it came up already in the network manager ( I prefer the network manager gui to the ifup screen) all I had to do was enter my password for the router and it connected

for those of you who dont have quite enough technical expertise ( like me ), and can flip for $ 38 yankee dollars this one will work out of the box on Opensuse 12.3 64 bit desktop ibm compatible

I have a netgear r6300 router

I do appreciate all those who follow these forums and lend assistance to others


Thanks for reporting this. It might help others.

I have a couple myself