Temperatures on Motherboard


So I let my computer running half day and I restart, to see how warm my Motherboard runs.

CPU Temperature 31C/87F
System Temperature 36C/96F

Is it normal?

Thx :slight_smile:


Id think that the cpu would be hotter than the motherboard…but your cpu temperature is definately fine. Ive had my machine running for over 30 days now, and i never see it spike over 58 degrees C.

one thing to consider…when you say “left it on” for half the day. Was it just sitting there idle? Or did you have it doing something? the processor load will impact the temperature.

encode some video, run seti@home, compile a kernel…something that will put your cpu under some load, then restart to get a more accurate picture.

if you are using an itel CPU, you can follow this link:
Processor Spec Finder

to get the thermal specs on the chip.

I just waiting for my new MSI X58 Motherboard and the new nvidia GTX295 to arrive so we can install,see how is suse 11.1 can take it.

The temperature I asking is because my computer was going nuts freeze up yesterday all the time.So for now it is running perfect.

Thanks for helping melol!

I`m happy camper rotfl!

Right on