Temp Sensors Not Found

Hello just downloaded gkrellm and I go to set the temperature sensors and I get “No Sensors Detected” now I’ve never dealt with something of this nature before so can anyone tell me where I might begin with this one? Thanks

Open a terminal, and as su, enter


to detect the sensors and load the modules. Quit gkrellm and restart, and the available sensors should be in builtins.

Thanks ran the program and it detected that I have an AMD K10 thermal sensor now I go to Im-sensors.org and it seems to be supported by a standalone driver…now here’s the question upon clicking on the link for that driver I am able to download the source code and view and even download the makefile as an html file…how would I go about changing this so my system recognizes it as a makefile? Thanks

Just run “sensors.” This should show the current readings. If successful, go ahead and add these to gkrellm.

sorry should of mentioned it in the last post but I did that and there were no sensors detected so I have have to manually install it the driver status is “to-be-written”

A makefile is plaintext. You should be able to save it as that. If nothing else, copy and paste it to a text editor such as gedit or kwrite.

I’ve recently been down this road myself. I built and installed the k10temp driver module, but it didn’t work for me. Apparently that’s not an uncommon problem for that driver, but it turns out I didn’t need it anyway - the asus_atk0110 driver does the job. I installed it with modprobe, ran ‘sensors’ to confirm it was working (no need to run sensors-detect), then started gkrellm and activated the sensor readings. Of course, if you don’t happen to have an Asus mobo, you can ignore this advice!

No I have an Compaq laptop (not sure what an asus “mobo” is) though I would be interested in how to install through modprobe.

Sorry - “mobo” is geektalk for motherboard. Asus is the manufacturer’s name.

Let’s go back to assuming that the k10temp driver may work for you. This link: k10temp or how to get the temperature from your amd phenom processor | Linux tips collection should help you with getting it installed. Just create the Makefile with a text editor.

Thanks! What a helpful link…though it would be nice to get the temperatures for both cores as I have a duo-core processor…is there a way? If there isn’t an option one is good enough. Also I’ve seen it in alot in command lines, whats the & symbol do/mean? Thanks

& runs the command in a new process separate from the command line thread. So what you are doing is starting a new process that does not terminate when you quit the console. To stop the process type ps -A Find the process ID (PID) of the process in question and type kill PID Where PID is the process ID you found.

Did you add


to the Optional Kernel Command Line Parameter in the Yast Boot Loader tool?