Televideo conferencing?

We are running 15.1, what program should we use for televideo conferencing? Do not want to use skype or any microsoft product. Thanks.

Jitsi, Signal, Google Hangouts?

Thanks for the suggestions. Don’t want google products, either. Is Jitsi and Signal opensource?

For Jitsi: Yes but it will require you to setup a server ( Jitsi - Wikipedia )

For Signal: Yes, Signal · GitHub

You can find it in home repos for SUSE (I think Knurpht packaged it), for phone/tablet (ios/android) and for Mac/Win as well.

Disclaimer: I use Jitsi but that’s because we host our own infrastructure and have both the server and bandwidth capability for it.

That’s great, thanks for the help. I’ll look into both of them.

probably the most popular video conferencing platform now is Zoom
Once you have set up an account you can either use the web interface or download the openSUSE rpm from the Zoom site.

Don’t use Zoom, please. Using Zoom is like removing your frontdoor, replace it by microwave foll, then leave for a holiday. It’s dangerous in a number of ways. See the web.

+1 from me on that.

This article may be of interest…

@atpmel, perhaps you can enlighten us all to the actual end use of this, is it just you and a couple of users, is it a whole bunch of people etc?

If you setup your own server (eg jitsi), what is your exposure if something goes wrong? Do you have enough hardware power and bandwidth for multiple video sessions?

We are using zoom here (well my Wife is…), the enterprise version, but any links to meetings are published on an internal site and the videos get saved locally and then uploaded to the internal site. No cloud saving… :wink:

IMHO some of the issues are just the lack of experience and training (maybe, my Wife’s institution had training meetings before going live) by end users (no fault of theirs) as well as the external pressures to get something up and running now.

Between Skype, Zoom and Jitsi I usually prefer Jitsi. Zoom is not bad if someone in the group to join has the enterprise version. But the free conference tool is limited to 40 minutes and Zoom may block the camera if too many people are connected. Skype meeting has many problems but is easy to set up. It is sometimes unable to recognise a camera, and some people can suddenly vanish during a call. I always try to avoid it. Jitsi does not need any server or any client (unless on mobile phone), you just ask to start a call, get a link that you send to other members. I only had problems with people using Mac/Safari with bad sound. I suspect that the speakers on a MacBook are close to the microphone and some kind of echo creates a Larsen effect.

I am retired but my company used to use skype and gotomeeting.

This was on SNL last night - a zoom meeting - this is funny

Unfortunately, our club chairman wants to have a committee meeting next week and, as a rabid “Windows only” advocate, he wants to use Zoom.

  • Even with my powers as Treasurer and, the only Open Source advocate on the committee, I defer to attempt to override that decision – I’ll have to use my wife’s Windows 10 laptop to participate in that meeting …
  • Especially in times of conflict, you can’t win every “finger wrestling” bout – “The Empire” will, occasionally, win a round – or two … :frowning:

I share your disappointment and also the above cited concerns about Zoom’s security problems. In any case, it is possible to use zoom in openSUSE so you need not borrow your wife’s computer if you prefer not. In Zoom’s webpage there is a link to a rpm file and a key. I installed successfully in Leap 15.1. I had a bit of sound problems first but these were not caused by zoom and were promptly solved by tweeking the sound settings.

I believe that one way to cope with security concerns could in principle be to create a dummy user with few privileges just for using Zoom. Of course it may not be the best solution, but at least will insulate your usual user.

Good luck!

There’s also a Flatpak.

But, an additional issue is, a somewhat older Linux Laptop or, a quite new Windows Laptop – I suspect that, the Zoom sound will be better with the newer Laptop – security issues being accepted – and, hopefully, the Kaspersky virus killer on the Redmond machine will help to alleviate any nasty unwanted side effects and collateral damage …

Had problems with sound in zoom in Linux but it runs fine from my Windows VM in VirtualBox.

Have not really tried to run down the problems since I needed to get into a meeting. Might have been because I also had Skype running at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Wire and Skype (currently on Tumbleweed, earlier on Leap 15.1) Both work well. Though Skype keeps logging me off after quit. Wire allows up to 4 users for video calls and up to 10 for audio calls

For the sake of truth I must correct myself in the post above (in bold). Yes, I did make the sound work, but later my colleagues told me that the sound came distorted and difficult to understand. I am indeed using an old laptop and that may be the problem as @dcurtisfra writes. I did extensive tests today using and could not make the sound to work properly.