Telegram desktop package

Hi. I am new to Opensuse, but not in linux. I am using OpenSUSE Leap 15.

Looking for the Telegram client, I found that it is not in the repositories that are activated by default. When looking for it in the opensuse page, it takes me to this link But when I search it directly in google, it takes me to []( = server% 3Amessaging & package = telegram-desktop), even clarifying how I should do to add it to the list of repositories. What is the difference? How do I look on the OpenSUSE page so that it appears in the second way?

Sorry for my English. I wanted to register in the Spanish forum, but the captcha does not work and I can not register.

if you want to keep the package updated you’d should add the server:messaging repo and install the telegram package

sudo zypper ar -f
sudo zypper in telegram-desktop