telegram-desktop audio media play problem

Hi I just started to use suse again after about a decade and it’s still awesome, there are some minor problems however, including telegram-desktop not playing audio from video clips and playing audio files with an external player (amarok to be specific) I have no problem playing audio codecs with other programs and the only clue I could find about the problem was this output from terminal:

Invalid return value 0 for stream protocol

by the way telegram’s notification sounds play without a problem. thanks in advance.

First question to all media problems is: Did you follow the sticky thread at the head of this Multimedia section “Multimedia Guide for openSUSE Tumbleweed” and thus add the Packman repo and do the vendor switch?

yes, I didn’t follow the guide first time but I did now just to make sure, nothing changed.

The version of telegram-desktop in suse repo is outdated, I tested with the latest version from official website and it’s just fine, unfortunately some other qt based programs in tumbleweed repo are also outdated, clementine for instance, it doesn’t even install due to broken dependencies. wish me luck I’m in the middle of something really important (that’s why I needed telegram) literally life or death.