Tearing in Videos in Intel graphics card

Hi there,

I just switched from Gentoo to openSUSE. I installed Version 11.0 and my system is actually running fine, except for some serious tearing when playing videos. My graphics card is an Intel GMA 950 (aka 945GM). What can I do to solve this problem? It happens on all kinds of players (vlc, mplayer- or xine-bases) using the XVideo extension.

Any advice would be appreciated :wink:


I have this same issue - do you have fusion enabled using AIGLX? I have a 965GM and running fusion - can’t get any video player to run without crashing and all flash/online video is choppy.

Anyone know of fixes that might help us?

Ok I got video running fine by installing mplayer per a couple posts down (using x11). I’m still puzzled as to why flash video is so choppy and tears so much.

Nope, no desktop effects enabled. AIGLX is disabled in xorg.conf. And the tearing gets even worse when using x11 as video output :frowning:

most video players have an option that users can enable called “vsync” which fixes the problem. the catch is that it usually noticably decreases performance.

i have an old intel i845g onboard chip using the intel driver & i don’t get tearing…

In general, you should match the refresh rate of your monitor to the video standard you are watching (eg 50Hz or 60Hz) or a multiple of the framerate.