Tearing in openbox

When using a wm with no compositing (like openbox), I always get terrible tearing when moving windows. So is there any lightweight window manager with opengl support? (Because I use kde on my primary machine, but I have a HP TC1100 tablet with only 512MB ram, so kde is really slow even with compiz instead of kwin). Or is there any opengl compositor for openbox? Or any method to enable vsync in non-composting wm ?

(openSUSE 12.3, nouvea because closed source nvidia driver for Geforce 420 Go does not support Xorg 1.13, kernel from the kernel stable repo because 3.7 kernel nouveau won’t work on this gpu just gives black and white stripes)

You could try other kernel versions. Have a look here: openSUSE and Installing New Linux Kernel Versions - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Thank You,