Teamviewr and Transmission to autostartup during the boot


I used this solution to enable autostartup:
Example of rc.local for Suse

I added two commands:


in the end of my rclocal.
When I start it in YASM → System Services (RunLevel) the programs starts without any problems. However it doesn’t work during the boot. Also I added “&” to avoid the waiting for the exit code of the teamviewer, because transmission doesn’t starts. Does anyone know how to start the program and obtain the exit code?
I’m noob.

Another way to consider, install gnome menu editor. Run it, at the last in ‘Other’ menu there is a hidden ‘start up applications’ in GUI style. I always put my Transmission to be auto start from there.

For both programs not the way to go. You don’t want them started as the system user (root), but as your own user.
In GNOME do Alt-F2, and type


Add the two programs there

In KDE, go Systemsettings, Loginmanagement, Autostart and add them there. Done.