Teamviewer9 not conencting to server and thus not working

since a few days (don’t remember exactly how many), I have a strange situation with Teamviewer9.
I have now installed (the rpm variant) version Teamviewer 9.0.24147 (rpm downloaded from teamviewer site, of course).
Installation works OK, setting of the software works OK, again, the “service” starts OK (systemctl status teamviewer return staus as started), but when I launch the software’s main program, I get to accept license, and … it says it can no longer connect to the server to get ID and password (the fields are now empty, and in the left-lower corner I had an error “Not ready. Please check your connection” message with that red vertical bar beside it.
What’s bewildering is that about 1-2 weeks ago it worked OK.

And more strangely: I’ve downloaded the tar.gz variant of the software, un-tar-ed it into my home folder (home/cornel/teamviewer9) and when launching the application from this folder, is works perfectly !!! (it even keeps the ID that I remember having before, when the rpm variant used to work OK !).

I would suspect that some of the rpm dependencies are no longer accurate now (I’m guessing the gnutls packages but not sure, or if there are other packages as well).
My current gnutls packages are :
(they are a little downgraded from the more recently versions 3.2.4-2.14.1 that were installed up to an hour ago, when I decided to try downgrade-ing and see if it works).
I suspect some update in these last days (at gnutls – but I don;t exactly recall seing such and update) changed something that now gets into teamviewer’s normal way of functioning.

I could just continue working with the “local” variant (un-archived in my home folder) that just works, but I would be much happier if I could find and fix the problem with the rpm variant and continue to work with that.


Well, either newest update of gnutls* packages (now they are 3.2.4-2.14.1 again, but don’t know if they are identical with those I had when I posted this issue) changed something, or maybe at Teamviewer side something changed again into the better, but now, the same installation from rpm of Teamviewer 9 just worked again.

So, I think this could be set as solved.

I had the exact same issue for a whole day.
The next day all went normal.