teamspeak 3

hello. im wondering if anyone can help me with installing teamspeak 3 on suse 12.2. i found a how to for ubuntu, but its not working with suse. i did the cd Desktop and then sh teamspeak stuff and it seemed to work, but never put the file on the desktop.

so any ideas on what i need to do now?


what version of openSUSE do you use? What DE(GNOME,KDE) do you use ?
Are we talking about this

thanks for the reply. i am using Suse 12.2 with KDE desktop. and yes, we are talking about the teamspeak, that you linked. I downloaded the linux 64bit version of teamspeak 3


You wan to use client or server version ? I am assuming that you have selected the correct version of s/w according to your OS(32 or 64)
They seems to be executables,not rpms
You can open terminal emulator(konsole) and run the program using the command “./”

this is the result of trying ./

angela@linux-eauj:~> ./
bash: ./ No such file or directory
angela@linux-eauj:~> cd Desktop
angela@linux-eauj:~/Desktop> ls
MozillaFirefox.desktop myComputer.desktop Office.desktop Support.desktop
angela@linux-eauj:~/Desktop> ./
bash: ./ No such file or directory

after realizing that what i have downloaded and what you said to type in, i changed it to ./ and got same result.

Have your market it to be an executable ?

Do this
chmod +x
and then this
or this