Tcl /Tk crashes on using Megawidgets

I have a nice issue: Small tcl program lets “wish” crash (sigsegv) on leap 42.2 and 42.3 with tk-8.6.7-5.3.2.x86_64 and tcl-8.6.7-5.3.1.x86_64

using older versions (tk-8.6.1-4.22.x86_64 ,tcl-8.6.1-4.21.x86_64.rpm) this small code snippet will run without any failures displaying a fileopen-dialog:


restart using wish \

exec wish “$0” – “$@”


set DOCDIR $env(HOME)

proc ChooseWin { dir } {
toplevel .choosewin
iwidgets::extfileselectionbox .choosewin.fsb -width 8i -height 6i
-dirslabel “Directories”
-fileslabel “Files”
-selectionlabel “Please select”
-directory $dir
-selectforeground white
-selectbackground red
-highlightthickness 2
-selectfilecommand {
.choosewin.fsb configure -selectionlabel “your choice”
pack .choosewin.fsb -fill both -expand yes

------------------------------------- Main -----------------------------------

package require Iwidgets
. configure -bg grey
button .button -text “push me 4 search” -font “--helvetica-bold-r---15-150----*-iso10646-1”
-fg black -bg grey80
-command {
if { ![winfo exists .choosewin ] } {
ChooseWin $DOCDIR
pack .button

I think I should file a bug report…